Smash Coaching/Analysis

*RIGHT NOW, THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE!* — If you want to talk to someone about training or reviewing matches, feel free to contact me, but I’m far too busy to offer many of the other services. This may change in the future!

In the meantime, check out my series on improving in Super Smash Bros. (4)!

Welcome! If you’re here, then you must be interested in improving in Super Smash Bros. Wii U or are a high/top level player looking to add that extra something to your game. Well, you’re in the right place! Having played competitive Super Smash Bros. since Brawl’s release, I have a lot of game knowledge to offer and am incredibly critical.

I offer two kinds of services – coach and analyst. Whichever one you want depends on you, but I recommend that you pick which one you feel you need more…or both, if you’re so inclined.

You can pay for these services in two ways – every month, or a flat payment for a certain time period. I’ll go into more detail about that later. Here is a general overview of the services I provide for coach and analyst and the packages you can purchase.

 As your coach, I’ll help you build yourself a way to train efficiently and effectively in fundamentals and mindset. Services include:

  • Help you build a training regimen and keep it updated
  • Training sessions to talk about improvement/train skills
  • Analysis of matches aimed at maintaining your training regimen and building up skills
  • Help you set goals as you progress
  • Offer support and guidance when it comes to:
    • Picking a main or second character
    • Mindset
  • Doubles assistance (training, theory, fundamentals, etc…)

ANALYST: As your analyst, I will dissect your matches/play style and offer you insights into yourself and your opponent. Services include:

  • Analysis of sets from weeklies/monthlies
  • Once a quarter, I will travel with you to a (major) tournament and offer you in-between set coaching. If we’re at the same weekly I’ll do this for you there as well.
  • Training sessions aimed at analysis and testing
  • I will keep stats for you (sets, games, etc…)
  • Assist with any preparations you need for a tournament (this includes player research, warm-ups, etc…)

For both services I am available to talk to via text, phone call, email, Facebook chat, Skype, Discord, etc… if you have questions or want to discuss something anytime. The sessions are aimed to be time dedicated to you, as I will not always respond right away when we’re not in a session, but I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Also, you will have access to a Discord channel that will help me stay in touch with you all and let you all talk with and help each other out.


There are 3 tiers for both Coach and Analyst: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Here’s what they include (with pricing):


[$3] Bronze gets you:

  • Building.Updating a Training Regiment
  • Training Sessions
  • Help you set goals

[$5] Silver gets you all of what Bronze includes plus:

  • Picking a Main/Secondary
  • Help adopt and stick to a healthy mindset

[$7] Gold gives you everything Bronze and Silver gives you, plus:

  • Match Analysis
  • If wanted, I’ll assist you in doubles


[$4] Bronze gets you:

  • Set/Match Analysis
  • Training Sessions

[$7] Silver gets you all of what Bronze includes plus:

  • Real-time analysis at weeklies/monthlies
  • Help you prepare for tournaments

[$10] Gold gives you everything Bronze and Silver gives you, plus:

  • Real-time analysis at an Out of State tournament (either online or I will travel once a quarter)
  • Stats



As I said above, you can pay per month or select a set time amount and pay up front for all of it. Do note that paying per month means I will immediately stop all services if you can’t pay me at the beginning of the month.

You can pay me via PayPal or just pay me in cash.