Twitch Streaming



I live stream most of my Paper Mario 64 & Paper Mario: TTYD challenges on Twitch as an Affiliate! My schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 5:30pm [Hades IGT Speedruns]
Thursday 5:30pm
[Paper Mario TTYD]
Sunday 1:00pm [PHP speedruns & Misc]

Games I want to Let’s Play on stream:

Right now, no new games!


Right now, my goal with Twitch is to become a Twitch Partner. To do this, I need to accomplish a certain number of tasks. The last one I need is to have 75 concurrent/average viewers for a month. That means I need YOUR help! Please share my stream with friends/family/strangers if you think they’d like my content! It’s the best way to support the stream.

If you still want to support me, you can subscribe on Twitch or donate! Subscribers get access to a special sub only Discord channel on my Discord server, get access to awesome emotes, and will be part of special events that I’m working on doing for subs only. Right now, I have a goal of 75 subs with the goal being a BLINDFOLDED run of the Pit of 100 Trials!

To donate, please use this link: Any donation of $5 or more gets their message read!