Paper Mario

My specialty in gaming is challenge running Paper MarioPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where I am known as one of the (if not the) best challenge runners. To challenge run, simply place some restrictions on yourself while playing the game! A common one in Paper Mario is BP Only, where you can only upgrade BP, leaving your HP at 10 and FP at 5 the entire game.

This page will serve to list all challenge runs I have completed in my time as a challenge runner and list upcoming runs I plan to complete in the future! All completed challenges will also have a link to its respective playlist on YouTube! Upcoming challenges are subject to appear/disappear at my discretion – these are not 100% guaranteed challenges I’ll be completing; they are challenges I am interested in completing.

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Also check out all tier lists Kappy has created for Paper Mario (+ various mods).

Interested in trying out a Pre-Hooktail Pit run? Kappy and another great challenge runner, Koop, made a comprehensive tutorial on it!

Completed Challenges

Paper Mario

Level Zero
Mario Alone
Danger Mario
Single Partner [Bombette]
Pro Mode Low HP
Pro Mode Luigi’s Challenge BP Only
Even Turn Low HP
10 HP Pacifist Mario
Single Partner [Goombario]
Master Quest Playthrough
Black Pit Roguelike Hard Mode
Black Pit Roguelike Very Hard Mode
Level Zero Scavenge
BP Only
100% (Chat Chooses Level Ups)

All Paper Mario Randomizer Challenge Runs I’ve done

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Full Game Runs

Level Zero Double Damage
Level Zero Scavenge
Single Partner [Goombella] (+ Pit)
Impossible Mode (62 Resets Total [49 discounting all RNG resets])
Return to Sender
Ms. Mowz Only
Grubba Conditions (+ Pit)
Extreme Randomizer 1-Hour Challenge 150+ Points
Even Turn No Superguards (+ Pit)
BP Only Shufflizer (+ Pit)
10 HP Mario Alone
XYNimanatorStart’s Challenge (+ Pit)
Get Rich Quick (+ Pit)
100% (Chat Chooses Level Ups)

Pit of 100 Trials Runs

10 HP Superguard Only
Pre-Hooktail 10 HP No Mega Rush P
Level Zero Double Damage
Pre-Chapter 3 Ms. Mowz Single Partner
Pre-Hooktail BP Only
10 HP Prologue
10 HP Disabled Pre-Chapter 2
Disabled Pre-Chapter 2 No Life Shrooms
Shufflizer Pre-Hooktail
Shufflizer Pre-Hooktail [“Birthday” seed]
Pit of 100 Trials Randomizer [v1.2]
10 HP Mario Alone Pre-Cortez
Subba Conditions
Hero Mode [Demo] Pre-Hooktail
Blindfolded Pit of 100 Trials
Pre-Hooktail No Mega Rush P No Superguards

All Infinite Pit runs/races I’ve done
All Pre-Hooktail Pit speedruns I’ve done

Upcoming/In Progress Challenges

Paper Mario

Master Quest Luigi’s Challenge BP Only (IN PROGRESS)
Use Every Badge Once (UPCOMING)
Chapter-lock (IN PROGRESS)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Level Zero Scavenge Pit of 100 Trials No Life Shrooms (UPCOMING)
Level Zero Pre-Chapter 4 Pit of 100 Trials (IN PROGRESS)
10 HP No Mega Rush P Pre-Hooktail Pit of 100 Trials No HRG (UPCOMING)
Impossible Mode Pit of 100 Trials [ONE ATTEMPT] (UPCOMING)
Level 1 Anti-Scavenge Double Pain (UPCOMING)
Minimum Star Points Scavenge (UPCOMING)
Use Every Badge Once (IN PROGRESS)
Chapter-lock (UPCOMING)
Prologue Pit No Superguards No Sweet Treat (w/Ultra Hammer) (UPCOMING)