Welcome to Ryan (Kappy or Klappy as he’s known) Klaproth’s website!

About the Author:

Ryan is a 31-year-old programmer, competitive gamer, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer. He’s an ex-Super Smash Bros. player and Pokemon player and is one of the best Paper Mario players (in a challenge running context) in the world. He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Games Development (focusing on programming) from DePaul University. He likes to dance, read, solve puzzles, play D&D, and spend time with his wife, Jenny, and his puppy, Olive.

Ryan uploads videos almost every weekday on YouTube and sometimes on Saturdays, and streams on Twitch 2-3 times a week! Check out the YouTube and Twitch pages for more details.

Check out…

– Kappy’s blog, Just Sayin’

– Kappy’s series on improving in Super Smash Bros

– Kappy’s series on badges, partners, and items in Paper Mario that aren’t used often

– Kappy’s Game Development Page

– Kappy’s GitHub Page

– Kappy’s Twitch

– Kappy’s YouTube

– Kappy’s LinkedIn

– Kappy’s Discord Server

Contact Kappy

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for the kind comment the other day on my blog. I am taking a bit of a break, but I wanted to stop by to say thanks. Two things while I am here, if you care to hear, nice page is one! And two I would remove your about page as static and have your actual posts show first when someone clicks your name. This can be found under settings, I personally would rather see posts first and then click an about. Sorry, just a tip. All the best, -OM

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