MegaUpload’z Demize

WHAT?! MegaUpload, taken down?

Yes, that’s what the e-mail told me. Anyone whose been on the up and up about SOPA and PIPA probably signed up for various e-mail newsletters to help protest. I was one of those people who signed up, and today I got an e-mail about how 4 employees of MegaUpload were locked away in New Zealand and that MegaUpload had been taken down.

A little confused (and excited to see a cool story), I rushed through my Twitter feed and found an article on Gizmodo about it. After perusing its contents, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the timing. Who takes down a site less than 24 hours after the Internet pretty much shut down some of its most prominent hubs for the day? What kind of point are they trying to make with that?

Now, some of the charges pressed seem a little more legitimate than just copyright infringement, and I guess as a result 7 employees were arrested! And the aforementioned 4 were locked away.

I found out that rap producer Swizz Beatz (LOL!) is its CEO. I’m not big on the rap music industry because I’m not a fan of rap, but come on, how can you not trust a name like that?! MegaUpload is totally innocent, there!

The best part is the updates section at the bottom of the article.

“UPDATE 2:…Mr. Beatz does not seem to give a shit about anything.” Hilarious!!

And the kicker is that this was all done without SOPA. I may have to stop typing for a moment because that statement was more funny than it should have been.

Yes, it’s horrible that MegaUpload was taken down, but if (and I stress this if) those charges are legitimate and not about copyright infringement, then I’m not really surprised. I’m a little that the website was taken down, but if the CEO’s (or just Mr. Beatz) were at all involved, then hey, they were doing something illegal. If it means MegaUpload goes down, so be it.

My SOPA post is done. I told myself I wasn’t going to do a SOPA post but this was just too good to pass up.

Juzt zayin’.