Kappy’s L4D2 Mod Pack!

Hello, L4D’ers!

Today I’m presenting to you my mod pack for Left 4 Dead 2. It’s just a collection of mods I’ve found whilst browsing l4dmaps.com that I now use when playing Left 4 Dead 2 with my friends. The theme is, “A Snake and his velociraptors”, and it comes not only with a velociraptor skin, but a skin where one of them is Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. The rest are little skin changes to various weapons in the game and the Safe Room and Credits music changed.

It includes (with credit to those who made it – these guys are awesome!)

Solid Snake (replaces Nick) – Mr. Lanky
Velociraptors – Splinks
Gold Desert Eagle – miztaegg
Pinkie Pie Fireworks – Sabre
DJ Pon3 Guitar – Sabre
T-Virus V1.8 – NeoMetalSonic360
Jack Daniels Molotov – Xaxt
Pistol – Springfield 1911 custom gold – K1CHWA (ported by Pappaskurtz)
Digital Camo SPAS – SILKO
Bonk! Atomic Punch (Blutonium) – Canis L. Sapien
HD M4 Super 90 – =DiG= He-Man!
M4 Special Forces – =DiG= He-Man!/SoulSlayer/Kimono
Remington 870 Wingmaster – Twinkie Masta/modderfreak
John Deere Chainsaw – G.I.Joe/K.Tastrophe
Chrono Cross Credits Music – XD001
Pokémon Black/White Safe Room Music – XD001
Target Ibuprofen – miztaegg/Samm5506
Johnny Bravo Tank – ??? (I don’t know who made this one, but whoever did, you’re amazing!)

That’s my pack! I hope any of you who download it enjoy it!!

The Johnny Bravo tank is my favorite.

NOTE: Everything is in .vpk format EXCEPT the tank mods. For those, I have two folders named “tank PLAYER” and “tank MUSIC”. What you need to do is go into your sound folder and replace the tank folder in your music folder with tank MUSIC (and then rename that to just tank), and the folder in your player folder with tank PLAYER 9and then rename that to just tank). Everything else goes into your add ons folder!

Just sayin’.