Tank Fever

Now that spring break is finally here, I have time to play some games, work on my own personal projects, and run form 10+ tanks in a maze-like area, clinging to the very fabric of survival.

Yes, I’ve started to play Left 4 Dead 2 once again now that I have my new computer, and it runs like a dream (which means it doesn’t choke when a swarm comes. Yes!!). And with that came my need to re-download a lot of custom maps, one of which I had yet to beat: Tank Fever. Tank Fever is a campaign that lasts for 10 minutes, and it is literally you running from tanks as they spawn and chase you.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first: this map has way too many common infected. There are actual swarms of common infected that will slow you down and allow a tank to catch up to and subsequently knock you off the map, which kind of ruins the experience sometimes. I like challenging myself, but it’s almost impossible on Normal difficulty because of the swarms, whereas I think it would be challenging on Intense if it were just tanks. There are many times when 4 tanks pincer you, so the added swarms of common infected up the difficulty too much. It really should just be tanks.

Besides that, this map is absolutely fantastic. There’s two kinds of fear when you play games: the fear that makes you not want to continue playing (a la Amnesia: the Dark Descent), or the kind of, “OhshitI’mgoingtodienononoNO!”. Tank Fever elicits the second kind of fear almost constantly. Even when you don’t see any tanks, one can spawn at any time and begin its quest to destroy you. It’s definitely more survival than it is campaign, but for good reason: campaign allows you to save your teammates after they’ve died by the one closet fitted in the map. I didn’t find out about it until I beat it with my friends, because you usually don’t last very long.

At the very end, I had 10+ tanks and a swarm of common infected chasing me to the helicopter. It was terrifying. LOL.

If you’re looking for a map for you and a group of friends (because you REALLY need to play this map with 4 people), this is a map you should definitely give a go, especially if you’re short on time and want to get obliterated by tanks a couple times.

Just Sayin’.

Link to map: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=9381


Kappy’s L4D2 Mod Pack!

Hello, L4D’ers!

Today I’m presenting to you my mod pack for Left 4 Dead 2. It’s just a collection of mods I’ve found whilst browsing l4dmaps.com that I now use when playing Left 4 Dead 2 with my friends. The theme is, “A Snake and his velociraptors”, and it comes not only with a velociraptor skin, but a skin where one of them is Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. The rest are little skin changes to various weapons in the game and the Safe Room and Credits music changed.

It includes (with credit to those who made it – these guys are awesome!)

Solid Snake (replaces Nick) – Mr. Lanky
Velociraptors – Splinks
Gold Desert Eagle – miztaegg
Pinkie Pie Fireworks – Sabre
DJ Pon3 Guitar – Sabre
T-Virus V1.8 – NeoMetalSonic360
Jack Daniels Molotov – Xaxt
Pistol – Springfield 1911 custom gold – K1CHWA (ported by Pappaskurtz)
Digital Camo SPAS – SILKO
Bonk! Atomic Punch (Blutonium) – Canis L. Sapien
HD M4 Super 90 – =DiG= He-Man!
M4 Special Forces – =DiG= He-Man!/SoulSlayer/Kimono
Remington 870 Wingmaster – Twinkie Masta/modderfreak
John Deere Chainsaw – G.I.Joe/K.Tastrophe
Chrono Cross Credits Music – XD001
Pokémon Black/White Safe Room Music – XD001
Target Ibuprofen – miztaegg/Samm5506
Johnny Bravo Tank – ??? (I don’t know who made this one, but whoever did, you’re amazing!)

That’s my pack! I hope any of you who download it enjoy it!!

The Johnny Bravo tank is my favorite.

NOTE: Everything is in .vpk format EXCEPT the tank mods. For those, I have two folders named “tank PLAYER” and “tank MUSIC”. What you need to do is go into your sound folder and replace the tank folder in your music folder with tank MUSIC (and then rename that to just tank), and the folder in your player folder with tank PLAYER 9and then rename that to just tank). Everything else goes into your add ons folder!

Just sayin’.


Left 4 Silent Hill

School is back in session at DePaul University, and thus I find myself walking the cold streets of Chicago when the wind decides it would like to gust around 25mph and freeze my face.

At least I’m not walking through empty streets that randomly become overrun with over-aggressive zombies!

I’ve come to realize that custom maps in Left 4 Dead/2 enjoy a certain kind of homicidal pleasure as they throw a legion of zombies and 3-4 special infected at you at once. But nothing comes close to the level that I most recently experienced while playing through an almost faithful revamp of the game Silent Hill through 11 maps. Yes, you saw that typed correctly. It’s long, it’s hard, but most of all, it’s damn fun.

Before I explain why, let me point out that Left 4 Dead/2 is a different zombie game. Instead of it being creepy and full of situations where you find yourself at least a little scared due to the atmosphere (or at least something that jumps out at you), Left 4 Dead/2 throws that out the window and instead scares you not with the quality of the zombies, but the quantity. And let’s not forget the all-powerful Spitter, Charger, and Tank (easily the most deadly of the special infected amongst my group of friends whom I play with).

Now, Left 4 Dead/is fun. And so are zombie games that are a little scarier (Resident Evil), but this Silent Hill map did both. It combined the creepy sounds and atmosphere with zombies. We were in a rusting, dark hospital and out of nowhere, through the light created by 4 small flashlights, came an army of zombies, two consecutive spitters, and a hunter. In almost complete darkness. Couple that with authentic sounds from Silent Hill and you have yourself a map where exploration is creepy, and the invasion of zombies is terrifying.

There’s also multiple endings (just like in the game, which is very cool), so the replay value is insane for a Left 4 Dead 2 custom map.

My friends and I got the UFO Ending, and it is incredible. I won’t spoil anything because words can’t describe its insanity. You just have to download the map (link will be provided at the bottom) and experience it for yourself!

Speaking of maps I suggest you download, Questionable Ethics is by far at the top of the list. If you’re looking for some platforming, a few scores of waves of zombies, and falling cars, Questionable Ethics will be right up your alley! It’s got an interesting pick-and-choose system of obtaining weapons and support items, so playing with friends is definitely the best way to go here (although playing with friends is always better, just sayin’).

My favorite part was the finale, when we were being chased by a tank and a car fell on top of me and killed me. It gets crazy! Just like the Silent Hill map, the link for Questionable Ethics will be provided for you below!

So, there’s two custom maps for you Left 4 Dead/2 fans to try out! If you’ve tried them out already, got any good stories of your experiences in the Silent Hill or Questionable Ethics maps? Got any suggestions for maps I should try out? Let me know!

By the way, I’ve never actually played Silent Hill, but I heard the map is pretty accurate from my friends.

Just sayin’.



Silent Hill: (this is for Left 4 Dead, but it can be played on Left 4 Dead 2)


Questionable Ethics: (for Left 4 Dead 2)