Blue Man Group

Over Spring Break, my family and I went to see the Blue Man Group. Apparently the show had been re-done to include new bits from the last time I saw it years ago while in Orlando, and when I saw it in Orlando I loved it, so needless to say, I was excited.

And, oh, did they deliver!

There were a few fan favorites: the PVC pipe drumming, paint drumming, and the classic dinner scene where they take a member of the audience and eat with them. Those were still great, and to be honest, those bits are always awesome to see (not to mention the eating bit is still hilarious), especially when the music they produce is fantastic.

The new stuff – the space PVC pipe drumming, the iPhone*, and the DANCE PARTY were all incredible additions. They said the show now had more WOW!, and I’m inclined to agree with that.

One of the most memorable parts of Blue Man Group when I first saw it was when the entire theatre turned ons tribe lights and toiler paper was thrown everywhere. They keep the strobe lights, they keep the toilet paper, but they add giant (I’m talking at least 12ft radius, here), glow-in-the-dark beach balls that people were hitting into the air. It was insane! The entire audience was dancing, screaming, throwing toilet paper around, and hitting giant beach balls, all to some super godlike dance music, plus strobe and colored lights flashing in and out.

It was easily the best show I’ve ever been to. If you’re a fan of Blue Man Group, or you haven’t seen them, GO SEE THEM. You won’t regret it!

Just Sayin’

* I saw Blue Man Group for the first time years ago, so I forgot if they had an iPhone section back then or not. It certainly looked new to me.


An apology


Spring Break is over, and with it comes a new semester of school, which I’m not very excited about, especially since I finally got my last two grades back. I had been struggling in a couple classes last semester, but was hoping to pull by with a C in both and move onto bigger and better things. Unfortunately, things didn’t go nearly as well as I had hoped.

Mom, Dad, I profusely apologize for the two D’s I received in my other two classes. I promise I’ll do better next time.

This means I’ll have to take an extra third semester on top of the two extra semesters I already have to take to get a C or better in those classes, because that’s what’s required for me to graduate.

Next week I’ll be reviewing the new Blue Man Group show!

Just Sayin’

Tank Fever

Now that spring break is finally here, I have time to play some games, work on my own personal projects, and run form 10+ tanks in a maze-like area, clinging to the very fabric of survival.

Yes, I’ve started to play Left 4 Dead 2 once again now that I have my new computer, and it runs like a dream (which means it doesn’t choke when a swarm comes. Yes!!). And with that came my need to re-download a lot of custom maps, one of which I had yet to beat: Tank Fever. Tank Fever is a campaign that lasts for 10 minutes, and it is literally you running from tanks as they spawn and chase you.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first: this map has way too many common infected. There are actual swarms of common infected that will slow you down and allow a tank to catch up to and subsequently knock you off the map, which kind of ruins the experience sometimes. I like challenging myself, but it’s almost impossible on Normal difficulty because of the swarms, whereas I think it would be challenging on Intense if it were just tanks. There are many times when 4 tanks pincer you, so the added swarms of common infected up the difficulty too much. It really should just be tanks.

Besides that, this map is absolutely fantastic. There’s two kinds of fear when you play games: the fear that makes you not want to continue playing (a la Amnesia: the Dark Descent), or the kind of, “OhshitI’mgoingtodienononoNO!”. Tank Fever elicits the second kind of fear almost constantly. Even when you don’t see any tanks, one can spawn at any time and begin its quest to destroy you. It’s definitely more survival than it is campaign, but for good reason: campaign allows you to save your teammates after they’ve died by the one closet fitted in the map. I didn’t find out about it until I beat it with my friends, because you usually don’t last very long.

At the very end, I had 10+ tanks and a swarm of common infected chasing me to the helicopter. It was terrifying. LOL.

If you’re looking for a map for you and a group of friends (because you REALLY need to play this map with 4 people), this is a map you should definitely give a go, especially if you’re short on time and want to get obliterated by tanks a couple times.

Just Sayin’.

Link to map: