Happy Holidays!

I would have put up a blog about this on Friday, but I’ve been caught up in the swirl of Christmas cookies, shopping – you know the drill. I wanted to let you know that this Friday there will be no post since it’s only a couple days after Christmas. The next post will be on January 3rd of the new year.

Until then, happy holidays to everyone!

Just Sayin’.


An apology


Spring Break is over, and with it comes a new semester of school, which I’m not very excited about, especially since I finally got my last two grades back. I had been struggling in a couple classes last semester, but was hoping to pull by with a C in both and move onto bigger and better things. Unfortunately, things didn’t go nearly as well as I had hoped.

Mom, Dad, I profusely apologize for the two D’s I received in my other two classes. I promise I’ll do better next time.

This means I’ll have to take an extra third semester on top of the two extra semesters I already have to take to get a C or better in those classes, because that’s what’s required for me to graduate.

Next week I’ll be reviewing the new Blue Man Group show!

Just Sayin’