Frozen Yogurt Tier List

DISCLAIMER: This tier list reflects my opinion on how good these shops are, and are in no way based on any sort of statistic or research.

A couple summers ago, I had never really been into the whole frozen yogurt scene, until one day when my girlfriend took me to a local Red Mango and changed my world forever. Since then, we’ve been constantly looking for new frozen yogurt shops to rate. We’ve been to so many that I think it’s time for my very own frozen yogurt tier list. And so, in true tier list style:



1.Berry Yo (local)


2.Red Mango (chain)

3.Orange Leaf (chain)


4.Cherry Berry (chain)

5.Cocomero (chain)


6.Yogurtland (chain)


7.Menchie’s (chain)


8.Chill Out (local)


And there you have it. Let me explain the placement criteria:

Price: How expensive was the yogurt? (in cents per ounce)

Quality: The quality of the yogurt against others in the tier.

Toppings: Were there a wide selection of toppings?

And now, for some explanation of placement.

1.Berry Yo: Berry Yo is a local shop about 5 blocks from my house. I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a fantastic shop, easily stealing the #1 spot away from Red Mango and earning itself its own tier. It’s cheaper than most shops on the list, has a high quality when it comes to its sweets and fruit flavors, and has just as much toppings as the next yogurt place. Really, you can’t go wrong with this place. The ONLY thing going against it is its peanut butter flavor.

2.Red Mango: My first yogurt shop, and one that holds a dear place in my heart. I have yet to experience a bad flavor at Red Mango, and its peanut butter is the KING of peanut butter flavors (that I have experienced so far). Their seasonal flavors are amazing, and their toppings are fantastic. The only thing that keeps it from taking back its #1 spot is its vanilla and chocolate plus it being more expensive.

3.Orange Leaf: I actually tried this shop not too long ago when I visited my girlfriend for her graduation, and let me tell you, it took me by surprise. Not only was the entire interior decor orange (my favorite color) but it is the only other yogurt shop with a good peanut butter flavor beaten only by Red Mango.

4.Cherry Berry: Cherry Berry is cheaper than Orange Leaf and Red Mango, but it just doesn’t cut it when it comes to its quality. Simply put, I think Red Mango and Orange Leaf are better, which is the only reason why Cherry Berry is a tier below them.

5.Cocomero: Cocomero has the best fruit flavors I’ve ever had, but it falls so far because of its price and its rather limited topping bar. I’ve been to two locations, both of which had limited toppings. This could easily be an A-Tier shop if not for those two factors.

6.Yogurtland: Sitting a block away from Berry Yo in my neighborhood, Yogurtland is basically a more expensive Cherry Berry. Medium-sized toppings, decent flavors. I will say that their nutter butter flavor (or whatever their thanksgiving flavors were) were fantastic.

7.Menchie’s: I’ve only been here once, and for good reason. The flavors are okay, the toppings are less than Cocomero’s, AND it’s as expensive as Cocomero.

8.Chill Out: a local yogurt shop in Bloomginton-Normal. Some of the yogurt is good, but most of it is not. I’ve given this shop 3 separate chances, and it’s always been a let-down. The topping bar is pretty large, the price is very good, but the flavors…ugh.


And there you have it. If you’ve got any frozen yogurt places I should try that aren’t on this list, tell me! I love trying out new shops!

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