Training: Making the Most out of a Tournament

Because I’ve had no time to write something and I want to put something up, here’s a post about making the most out of a tournament. This applies not just to Smash, but to any game you’re attending tournaments for!

Melee It On Me

The premise of this article stems from new players who want to get involved, but do not really know what they should be doing at a tournament.

1. Enter the tournament!

Alright, this seems to be kind of silly, but I have seen a bunch of players who will make the drive to a venue and then not enter the tournament. When I ask players why they do this, they usually say they aren’t ready to play in a tournament environment and would like to improve to a certain level before doing so. It may seem like a waste of money to enter, but I recommend entering regardless because of the experience you get from playing people who will be playing their hardest. This also gives you a feel for how to play a tournament set (stage striking, counter-picking) and allows you to get feedback, which leads me to my…

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