ACen 2012 Recap

Finally, I have time to write this! It’s a couple days late, but I had homework to do. LOL.

ACen 2012 is over, and school is back in full swing. It sounds like it sucks, but it’s May, which means (hopefully) nicer weather and a month left of school!

While it didn’t go as planned, ACen was an awesome weekend filled with jokes, jokes, and a lot of swag! A small recap of some of the more interesting things I experienced at ACen 2012:

– My friend Jerome paid $60 and got a Saturday pass, so a couple friends and myself went as his backup posses to help him claim his full-weekend pass.

– McCormick and Shmucks (the seafood restaurant, right by the Intercontinental, which we stayed at, is actually called McCormick and Shmicks, but I actually thought there was a u instead of an i).

– My friend Mike drove into a car wash thinking it was the parking lot for Potbelly.

– My friend Arthur brought a real crowbar into the con (real weapons weren’t allowed, so he made it look fake).

– Tournaments at ACen have to be single elimination. I found out the hard way when the Brawl tournament went on for more than three hours. I won’t be entering any tournaments unless they’re single elimination.

– I didn’t go to a single panel, but this turned out to be in my favor because many of the panels were rescheduled or were running late.

– Friday night, I took NyQuil to quell any cold that might try and get to me while I slept on the floor and to drown out any noises I’d hear. It didn’t work. The four kids on the beds proceeded to talk about:

  • Body Pillows
  • How chocolate is made with cow’s blood (and by extension, filling steaks with chocolate) – I don’t even know if the cow blood and chocolate thing is true.
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Belinda Wanda
  • How they’re in the beds and talking, while the kids on the ground were actually trying to sleep
  • How I say, “swag!” all the time (and by extension, replacing smurf with swag)

We were up until at LEAST 5 AM (one of my friends had to leave the room and attempted to sleep in his car. He ended up going home to sleep).

– My friend Jerome, whom we convinced the Wednesday before ACen to go, thought he’d have nothing to do. Instead of doing nothing, our group didn’t know where he was half the time. Friday, he disappeared into the night, and after trying to call and text him with no answer, he came back at 4 AM. The next day, I encountered him and a few other friends, and I asked Jerome if he had been playing Street Fighter all night. He said he wished he had. I then had a revelation – my friend Arthur and I had been talking about going to Hentai Hell, which, unfortunately, was at 3 AM, so we decided not to go because I wanted to sleep (oh, the irony!). I knew right away what had happened, and here’s how the conversation went:

Me: You went to Hentai Hell, didn’t you, Jerome?

Jerome: No.

Friends: No!

Me: Oh my god, you guys went to Hentai Hell! You fucking went to HENTAI HELL!

And then Jerome proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t actually hentai. It was live-action…I’m so glad I didn’t go!

Seth Rogan and David Spade on Tai Chasers (and starring in Samurai Jack as Seth Rogan and David Spade as his sidekick Seth Rogan as Samurai Jack)

– Galick Blast!

– Spirit Blast!

– Special Beam Blast!

– The laser light show in Yu-gi-Oh!

– Fryception

– Shakeception (offered only at Steak’n’Shake)

– Driving 7 people in a 5-person car to T.G.I Friday’s, both times two different ways of fitting everyone in!

– There was a waiter who only refilled drinks of two of our group. He took my friend Propit’s water as he was drinking it, then two minutes later refilled it again after he had only had a little of it. My other friend, John, had his coke refilled, and when my friend Mike waited 10 minutes for a refill, John switched cups, the waiter refilled the cup, and then John gave it back to Mike!

– Hey, Ryan, you’re taking us to IHOP, right?

– So, we’re going to IHOP, right, Ryan?

– What, we’re going to IHOP?

– The rude waiter at Culver’s (what do you want on your burger?). Yes, the emphasis is there.

– The random people dancing to LMFAO as we blasted it on the way back from Culver’s (raise the roof!).

– The CPU Luigi in Mario Party 2 had 10 stars at the end of the game. How many did the next highest have? 2 stars.

– Mike and I duo-texting Arthur about the Soap Bubble (and him not knowing what a Devil’s Four-Way is).

– The fire alarm at the Hyatt was pulled (and the Pat jokes that followed after).

– Cosplaying as Hoopz Ketchum (Ash hat worn backwards), Slam Dunkum (Ash hat worn forwards), and Ash Barkley (Ash hat worn sideways). Next year I’m gonna go all out and bring a boom box blasting slam remixes!

– Preparing for, but not going to, the Pokémon tournament (I was so confident I would’ve won…and I don’t even know if it actually happened!)

– The obscene amount of money I spent at the Dealer’s Room and Artist’s Alley (so, so worth it. My room looks awesome right now!)

And that’s all I remember. All in all, it was a fantastic con, and I can’t wait for Youmacon this year and next year”s ACen!!

Just sayin’.