Shameless Twitter plugs!

I apologize for the lack of a substantial post – I’ve had quite a busy couple weeks since I’m trying to finish all my homework so I’m not cramming after The Big House 3, a national Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament I’m attending. So, today, I’m going to direct all of you to my two parody Twitter accounts!

Last Monday, while playing Smash with some friends, one of them came up with the idea to make a parody account of me as a super ignorant Smash player. Another friend made a version of it where I’m British.

DISCLAIMER: 300 Pound Kappy is extremely vulgar. I find it hilarious, but for those who don’t enjoy such language, you’ve been warned.

300 Pound Kappy:

136.08 kg Kappy:

Enjoy! Expect a special post about my experience at The Big House 3 after next weekend and a review of the MMORPG Neverwinter in two weeks!

Just sayin’.