REVIEW: The Hobbit

Years after enjoying the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was really excited to see The Hobbit. After all, when I read the books, The Hobbit was the first one I read, and I still remember it well. How does the movie stack up? I’d say it does splendidly.

I’m not going to go into detail in case you want to read the book, but it follows the book quite closely, which is really nice. The character arcs and development all follow the book’s path, which is great, because there are some really nice arcs, especially Bilbo‘s and Thorin‘s as they come to accept – and even welcome – each other’s company.

Now, there were a few parts that confused me. The part where Gandalf and Saruman are talking and the part with the Forest Wizard (I completely forgot his name. LOL) are two such parts that I don’t remember being in the book. Fortunately, some friends of mine explained that these were parts from the Appendices, which are extra bits of story at the end of the books explaining some of things that the reader never read about, such as those two very parts. This does one very important thing for me – explain why this is going to be a trilogy.

You see, when I first heard that The Hobbit was going to be a trilogy, I thought to myself, “how in the hell are they going to make one book a trilogy?” Well, the Appendices are the answer to that question, and I think it’s an awesome idea now that I know it’s not just the book, because they go through half the book in the very first movie.

Now, as for the look of the movie: as I mentioned in a previous entry, I saw it in 48fps, which completely changes how the movie looks. But, the look is very similar to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is very nice. The grandeur landscapes and towns all look fantastic, and even the Shire looks awesome. And in 48fps, it’s simply eye candy.

Oh, and the music, much like the trilogy, is fantastic.I have a soft spot for medieval sounds, however, so the music may not be your cup of tea. I definitely enjoyed it, though.

The Hobbit is a movie any Lord of the Rings fan will enjoy, especially those whom have read the Appendices, but don’t think that someone new to the series wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s got plenty of action, adventure, and good development and plot. Nothing stellar, but definitely solid. And believe me when I say that seeing it in 48fps is worth it.

Rating: 8/10.

Just sayin’


48fps movies – yay or nay?

On opening night of The Hobbit (I will not be using that dumb subtitle), I went with some friends to see it at midnight in GLORIOUS 48fps. Let me tell you how amazing the experience was… then I’ll get into the movie. Actually, I’ll do that later; I just want to talk about how incredible this was.

We sat down, went through all the trailers, blah blah blah, and then put on our 3D glasses, and sat back to view 3 hours of amazingness. If anyone has a or has watched something on a high-end HDTV, you’ve probably noticed that your favorite shows move faster than on other TV‘s. A 48fps movie moves exactly like that, and while it may take some time getting used to, I guarantee you that it’s way better on a movie than on How I Met Your Mother. Everything is wicked smooth, and battle scenes look so much more…clean? Yes, clean. Instead of just watching a battle and kind of following it, maybe not knowing what’s going on, I was able to follow everything perfectly, and it all looked incredible.

When you’re watching a show that moves that fast, everything looks so much more real. All the movements are much more life-like – it’s really something you don’t notice until the characters really move. At 30fps, there’s a noticeable choppiness to everything – you know it’s a movie. At 48fps, it’s almost like you were watching it live, which I think is way cooler when applied to a movie than to a TV show.

If this is what the future of movies is going to be, I’m really excited for it! Bring on the 48fps, please! I give it a yay/10.

Just sayin’.