Marble Hornets

After a couple months of tweeting, Entry 53 of Marble Hornets has finally come out! I’m really excited because we’re going to now see behind the scenes footage of the titular movie Alex was making in the series and hopefully get more answers. I want more answers!!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite web series: Marble Hornets.

About a year and a half ago, my good friend Brian showed me a web series called Marble Hornets. To preface why I accepted to watch this, it’s because I had recently started playing Amnesia: the Dark Descent, and had grown to love horror. I’m not talking about pop up in your face horror – I’m talking subtle, imagination-driven horror. The kind of horror where you know something’s coming, but you don’t know when it’s coming or where it’s going to come from.

So, with that in mind, he had suggested I watch Marble Hornets, a web horror series. Before we began, he asked me if I knew anything about Slender Man. I had heard the name tossed around on the Internet and in random chit-chat I heard a few times, but I didn’t know who or what Slender Man was.

So, for those of you who don’t know, here’s a brief history of Slender Man’s conception.

He was created on the Something Awful forums in a thread where pictures were posted of him being in them. Most of them were around children, and it’s described that he’s thin (hence ‘Slender Man’), and he can stretch out his limbs to inhuman lengths. And they’re tentacle-like.

The reason I’m explaining this is because Marble Hornets uses Slender Man (known as The Operator in the series) in their web series as an ethereal being who is the primary antagonist of the series. The style of the series is like that of How I Met Your Mother. Instead of most of the episodes (entries, as the series puts them) being in the present, they’re in the past, forming a story through the entries to reach the present. The entries are not in chronological order, so part of the fun of watching is trying to figure out what happened when. Sound cool? You bet it is!

But, it’s not just cool – it’s scary. The camera work is absolutely fantastic in this regard. The first-person style really helps the camera, because the small, jerking movements when you see The Operator come on screen, only to see him much closer when they go to take a second look satisfies your own curiosity and scares the living hell out of you.

The effects work really well with the camera, and the sound effects are, while loud and screeching, done in a way that’s absolutely terrifying instead of just plain annoying. Combine that with the already impressive camera work, editing, and a kind of mystery element added into it, and you’ve got yourself one awesome, super-scary web series!

Just sayin’.

If you’re interested, I’m giving you the link to the Introduction. Grab a friend (or not), watch in the dark, and enjoy!