Input Delay and Granularity, CRTs and digital display

Cruel Edge


I figured I’d touch on this topic since I’ve been pretty heavily advocating the use of LCD HD monitors for gameplay lately. Yes, the best monitors with the lowest input delay on the market still average about 9ms of input delay (0.54 frames). Yes, Fox and Falco’s Reflectors in Melee hit on frame 1. And, yes, that does mean that this all can make a difference. But how much of one?

So there’s something that gamers who like to talk big on frames and monitors and input delay don’t really look into even though it potentially makes a huge (nearly one frame) difference, as well – the fact that the game still runs on 60 frames per second. So, common knowledge is that if you happened to input something on frame 0, the action takes place on frame 1 onward. This is because there’s no way for the game to…

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