Frozen Yogurt Tier List REDUX

DISCLAIMER: This tier list reflects my opinion on how good these shops are, and are in no way based on any sort of statistic or research. Also these are based on the shops I frequent.

It’s been over a year since I created my personal Frozen Yogurt Tier List. Since then, I’ve come across some new places that have somewhat wildly changed the rankings, and after some re-evaluations and debate with my girlfriend, I’ve come up with the new tier list for this delectable treat. I won’t be going into as much detail as last time for each decision I made.

Rankings were made based on (in order of importance):

– Quality of Yogurt (basically flavor)
– Topping selection
– Gluten-free choices (most of the yogurt in S-Tier through B-Tier are primarily gluten free)
– Price

And now, the new, improved, FROZEN YOGURT TIER LIST!!!


1. Hype Walgreen’s – The best yogurt I’ve ever had, and it’s at some random two-story Walgreen’s in Chicago! Bonus points for each sized cup being flat priced and PIE CRUST PIECES. (LOCAL?)

2. Orange Leaf – They have this new smoothie thing now and it’s AMAZING. Also they finally added cookie dough as a topping. (CHAIN)

3. Berry Yo – The original #1. Still amazing. (LOCAL)


4. Skinny Sweet – I actually just tried this a couple days ago, and their fruity flavors were so good that it shot past everything into the top of A-Tier. Pretty low price, too. (CHAIN)

5Red Mango – The classic. Still great quality yogurt, good price, but their cookie dough is not nearly as good anymore. (CHAIN)

6. Cherry Berry – Good flavors, decent price, an amazing selection of toppings. (CHAIN)


7. Forever Yogurt – A TON of flavors (the most I’ve ever seen in one store). (CHAIN)

8. Yogurt Land – This place used to have too many gluten-laden flavors, but it looks like they’ve mostly rectified that. Bonus for the best white chocolate chips I’ve ever had. (CHAIN)

9. Cocomero – Too little toppings, but the yogurt is good. (CHAIN)


10. Yogurt Plus – Really good fruit flavors and has gelato, but has a lot of gluten flavors, the other flavors aren’t too great (probably the worst Birthday Cake I’ve had), and the toppings were really scarce. (CHAIN)

11. Menchie’s – I gave this one a second chance. It’s better, but still lacking in gluten free flavors and the yogurt is still sub-par for being so pricey! (CHAIN)


And there you have it, the new and improved tier list! I’ll probably update this in another year, hopefully with more new places that’ll shake up the tier list again like Hype Walgreen’s did.

Just Sayin’.