Betting with salt

I apologize for no post last week, I got caught up in a busy week and was unable to write one. That’s okay, though! Today is Labor Day, and so there will be a post!

Many of you may find yourself with nothing to do today. That’s bad. If you’ve got nothing to do and are a fan of hype and fighting games, I suggest you waltz on over to, sign up for an account, and start betting!

Salty Bets is a fictional betting arena that utilizes the game Mugen to set up AI against each other and duke it out. You start with 400 Salty Bucks, and can bet as much as you want (minimum 1) on who you think will win in a best 3 out of 5 matches. The AI and characters range from being ridiculously broken to god-awful. I’ve witnessed some AI that just run around and jump, but don’t attack.

If you go below 0, you get 10 Salty Bucks and are in the “Salt Mines“, a place where it’s hard to make a lot of money. I don’t know how much you need to officially make it out of the mines, but I think it’s once you hit $100 Salty Bucks.

What’s REALLY fun about Salty Bet is the chat. because it’s streamed, there’s a chat for people to talk while betting and watching the matches, and it is incredibly entertaining, especially when there’s an upset. It’s hard to describe the chat – it’s something you have to see and experience yourself.

A warning, though, the chat is very vulgar. If you’re not a fan of vulgar language, I wouldn’t pay mind to the chat. I, however, go almost exclusively for the chat.

Have fun betting!

Just Sayin’.

P.S. if you see SwagTrain on the bettors list, that’s me!


The ebb and flow of Animal Crossing

I wanted to write about Smash today, but I didn’t do the research I wanted to, so I apologize for the late post. Instead, I’m going to write a small little blurb about Animal Crossing.

Two days ago, I got Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and now I find that I don’t play Animal Crossing: New Leaf anymore. I love the AC series, but there’s one thing about it that always turns me off as I continue to play: there’s not enough to do.

I’ve upgraded my house to almost full completion, have almost 20 public works projects, all but one fossil, most of the fish and bugs, and my Nook store is one away from being the biggest expansion. In every previous AC game I’ve played, I’ve been able to “beat” the game by expanding everything to its maximum size and almost completing the museum (I could never get all those works of art…). And usually, games come out and I play them, but I was pretty rigorous in my routine to play Animal Crossing every single day until I had everything. Unfortunately, doing jobs for villagers, buying and selling stuff, digging for fossils, and farming bells on the island can only go so far. Even with multi player, the most you can do are tours and self-proclaimed fish and bug-catching contests. At some point, it gets boring (it would be helpful to point out that I am no artist, and so I have spent exactly 10 minutes making a flag design, and that’s it. I’m sure artists get way more out of the Able Sisters’ designing than I do).

Inevitably, though, my interest wanes. Everything becomes a little monotonous, and I eventually stop playing. Unlike in MMO‘s, where dev teams are constantly trying to update their game to keep players hooked alongside guilds forming and whatnot, Animal Crossing is a simulation game, so at some point it feels like you’re living life there, and not here. Or it would feel like that if there were more stuff to do. At some point, you only play for 5 minutes a day because there’s really nothing else you want to do in your town.

Now that that tiny complaint is out of the way, has anyone whom has experienced this notice that, after you’ve beaten the new games and have nothing to do, Animal Crossing suddenly becomes addictive again? It’s crazy how there’s almost a tide to my interest in Animal Crossing. Sometimes it’s very high and I enjoy it, and other times it feels like a chore and I eventually stop, only to come back months later with a fresh desire to play.

This is different than with MMO’s, which I tend to play heavily for a month and then stop completely. No, Animal Crossing somehow ropes me back in when I have nothing to do and becomes my new game of choice. There’s no real competitive value to it, no incentive for me to improve my skills (which there is little of) in the game, so why do I keep coming back?

Has anyone else ever felt this way about Animal Crossing?

Also, except a post about Smash or a review of something next Monday!

Just Sayin’.