Salt (and why it can be good for you)

Salty (Adjective) – To be (usually to a somewhat high degree) angry when losing. Generally used in competitive gaming.

I get angry when I lose in competitions.

Like, really angry.

I just want to punch whomever beat me in the face for outplaying me and taking advantage of things I did wrong. Why couldn’t I have done that instead? I should be the one advancing to the next round, I know I’m better than this. I want to rematch them right then and there to prove it. I want to beat whomever just beat me so badly.

And yet, here I am, writing about how it feels like my opponent chained me to a 300lb weight when I lose, and I’m unable to lift it. It’s incredibly frustrating.

How do people take losses so cleanly? I really don’t understand it. I can’t smile after I lose.

I’ve literally spent hours of my time looking up how to take losses better. I thought it was a problem that I couldn’t take my losses cleanly – that I wasn’t learning from them like the best players do.

Then it hit me earlier today while thinking of something to write about for today’s blog post; being angry about a loss is fine. I can be angry that I lost a match, as long as that anger can force me to look at the match and learn from it in a healthy way. Basically, channeling your anger into something useful so you don’t just sit there yelling at yourself on the inside.

Being angry can actually be an incredible motivator for improvement, but there’s a lot of stigma to being angry which prevents it from being used. “Going on Tilt” is to get angry and start playing at a sub par level, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re just getting angry and that’s it, of course you’re going to start playing worse. I think the problem is that people have a really negative impression about anger in competition, when I think it might be a great way to psyche yourself up and continue to play at your best. When I lose a stock in Super Smash Bros., I get angry. Did I really just let myself lose a stock? It’s not happening again. I’ll nod that my opponent made a good play, even tell him it was a good play, but I’m still angry that I’m one step closer to losing. That doesn’t make me play worse – I play better, harder. I don’t want to lose, because I loathe losing.

I think the reason people go “on Tilt” when they’re angry is because they realize they’re angry and don’t want to be, which affects them more than they may realize. I say be furious, but be in control of what you’re doing and feeling (mainly because if I were actually furious all the time I’d probably have a heart attack or something). Don’t just be angry – channel that emotion to have a purpose. You don’t want to just sit there and be angry and then play your next match. While it seems weird, it’s entirely possible to feel angry and motivated at the same time, and that’s the good kind of anger.

You can say good games at the end, admit your opponent played better than you, and be a good sport. But that doesn’t mean you’re not seething inside and are itching to beat them next time so you can pop off and say you’ve gotten better.

Just Sayin’


Betting with salt

I apologize for no post last week, I got caught up in a busy week and was unable to write one. That’s okay, though! Today is Labor Day, and so there will be a post!

Many of you may find yourself with nothing to do today. That’s bad. If you’ve got nothing to do and are a fan of hype and fighting games, I suggest you waltz on over to, sign up for an account, and start betting!

Salty Bets is a fictional betting arena that utilizes the game Mugen to set up AI against each other and duke it out. You start with 400 Salty Bucks, and can bet as much as you want (minimum 1) on who you think will win in a best 3 out of 5 matches. The AI and characters range from being ridiculously broken to god-awful. I’ve witnessed some AI that just run around and jump, but don’t attack.

If you go below 0, you get 10 Salty Bucks and are in the “Salt Mines“, a place where it’s hard to make a lot of money. I don’t know how much you need to officially make it out of the mines, but I think it’s once you hit $100 Salty Bucks.

What’s REALLY fun about Salty Bet is the chat. because it’s streamed, there’s a chat for people to talk while betting and watching the matches, and it is incredibly entertaining, especially when there’s an upset. It’s hard to describe the chat – it’s something you have to see and experience yourself.

A warning, though, the chat is very vulgar. If you’re not a fan of vulgar language, I wouldn’t pay mind to the chat. I, however, go almost exclusively for the chat.

Have fun betting!

Just Sayin’.

P.S. if you see SwagTrain on the bettors list, that’s me!