Ludum Dare 26

So, over the past weekend I worked on a game for Ludum Dare 26, an online game jam/competition, because I couldn’t go to C2E2. The theme was Minimalism, and so I decided to minimalize my own personal project, Ragnet, in the hopes that I would be able to learn something about rotating objects based on the location of other objects. Because it was such a small project, I used GameMaker 8, which was refreshingly fun to use again now that I have more knowledge than I did back when I used it during freshman year.

The game is called Ragnet Mini, and the link to the submission page (complete with a download link for you to enjoy!) is right here:

The controls are reversed and the car really messes up how you perceive to be turning thanks to how it rotates, so beware of that! And the third level is ridiculous.

Just Sayin’