Better Buttons is now LIVE!

Okay, so normally by this time I’d have a new blog post out, BUUUUT Better Buttons, the project I’ve been working on with Sage from Unrivaled Tournaments is now LIVE! I talked about it briefly in one of my previous posts, but I’m really excited for this to finally kick off the ground!

My goals in the Chicago Smash 4 community are much more caster/coach focused than as a player, and this project is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time to try and help you guys improve. I think conversation is really effective when it comes to Smash, and I’m hoping these videos spark some conversation amongst the community to help skyrocket improvement.

With that said, here’s the first episode of Better Buttons!

My next entry in the BONUS improvement series will be up April 5th!

Just Sayin’